Jillian Loyden and her family started the foundation to bring awareness because her sister, Britton Loyden, lost her life in February of 2012 as a victim of domestic violence. They want Britton’s story told in the hopes that another family does not have to experience the loss of a loved one like them. Britton Loyden was an extremely hard worker, an even more devoted mother, and an all-around selfless person. She was not only a great person to those close to her but everyone around her, she was a best friend, and a hero to so many. When asked about what she loves about her sister Jillian simply smiles and says, “Her unrelenting and limitless joy.”

Independent of her trying circumstances and even during the hardest of times, she always found a reason to smile and to laugh. Britton’s contagious and beautiful smile had a way of touching our hearts and it left a lasting impression on everyone. It is carried on now through her son Madden Armani Loyden who is now 7 years old. He carries on the joy and laughter his mother brought to so many lives. She can never be replaced but we can honor her and carry on her spirit and love. With every selfless act, every bit of love, she touched all of our lives, leaving us inspired to live better fuller lives. It is our hope that her legacy of helping and loving others carries on through her story, helping to empower even just one woman to find the strength to break the silence. Please honor Britton Loyden and other victims of domestic violence and their families by contributing to the foundation. You would be contributing to Britton’s cause, allowing other's to hear her empowering story, which has already impacted countless lives.



Jillian Loyden has become one of the best goalkeepers in the world despite suffering personal tragedy and untimely injuries.  Ms. Loyden did not follow the traditional ascension through our national youth soccer development programs.  She defied the odds when at the age of 24 she became a member of the senior U.S. Women’s national team.  She has been a member of the U.S. Women’s national team for the last 4 years and is a current member of the NWSL Sky Blue FC.  Ms. Loyden has a mentality as an underdog, and this combined with her positive attitude and a relentless fight, has allowed her to overcome life’s adversity.  Unofficially called “the people’s keeper,” Ms. Loyden approaches life with a smile, a commitment and a daily mission to helping others by infusing in them the mentality that she follows… anything is possible and you always find a way to survive.

We are shaped by our life experiences.  We have the choice to allow the adversity we face to define us. What makes Jillian different then most people is that she never allowed the circumstances or the challenges she has faced to define her.  She did what most people could never do; she found a way to endure the major difficulties of life, the tragic loss of her sister, the illnesses of her loved ones, and major untimely career injuries. She never listened to the people around her telling her that her dreams weren’t possible and she chose to find a way to overcome.  She stood in an Atlanta stadium during the Olympics and said, “I want to do what those women on that field are doing someday.”   She decided on her own in spite of what life threw at her that she was going to take that dream and turn it into reality.  And she did.  That is what separates Jillian Loyden from most people. Her fight, work ethic and determination is on a different level, a level that takes her from being just a dreamer to representing her country in a world cup and in an Olympics.  The type of person that comes back not from one but two surgically repaired broken hands.  The type of person that after losing her best friend and sister to domestic violence found a way to make the U.S. Olympic squad as an alternate.  The type of person who is relentless in her pursuit of greatness. 
Jillian knows how much the game of soccer has given to her.  She is blessed to do something she loves and she does not take that for granted one day.  It means so much to her to be able to inspire younger players. She takes her role as a professional athlete very serious and it is with this platform she has decided to form her own foundation.  Her goal is to help impact young people and afford them opportunities they might not find on their own. The foundation mission is to serve and provide resources and aide to children who have faced unfavorable circumstances.  With this mission and the drive to help break the silence against domestic violence she has decided to hold an annual gala to honor her sister, raise awareness and funds for domestic violence victims and JLF programs. Jillian wants to bring awareness to domestic violence so that what happened to her sister, Britton, doesn’t happen to another women.  She wants Britton’s story to be heard. She does not want another family to go through what her family has experienced. The spirit of her sister carries on inside of Madden Armani, Britton’s, 7 year old son.  Jillian and her family want to do whatever is needed to make her sister proud and provide for madden in the coming years.  She knows she can never replace her sister but her and her family hope to instill in Madden the same values and attributes that her sister would want and help him dream big. Teach him to work, fight and overcome whatever life brings his way just as she has done with hers. He will be taught to dream big, and maybe someday, he will stand in a stadium somewhere and decide he wants to be out there on the field doing what the men are doing.