In serving with our mission we are proud to provide students funding towards their college education. The Jillian Loyden foundation provides means through scholarship grants to deserving young adults. Our first two sponsored scholarships are the Fearless Hero scholarship and the Britton Loyden scholarship. Recipients will embody what it means to be fearless in the face of adversity. They will take the unfavorable circumstances of their lives and rise above with a relentless pursuit of their dreams. A college education will empower them to make not only an impact on their lives but the lives of the people around them.  Recipients will apply and be selected by the foundation directors.  


britton loyden scholarship

The number one word that comes to mind when you ask people about the recipient of the Britton Loyden scholarship is the word resiliency. Their stories  from childhood through adolescence are filled with moments of survival that are a testament to their ability to overcome extremely difficult and painful life events. Our recipient’s resiliency comes from their ability to manage stress, believe in themself and hold on to the promise that each new day brings. Despite being victimized, our recipients chose not to live as a victim, but instead strive to become the best version of themself. Our recipient inspires tremendous hope in those they come in contact with and once you meet them you are struck by how much maturity and courage they have inside.  Our recipient’s goals and aspirations reflect the drive that they have to overcome all that has kept them down.  This award is a reminder of the bright future awaiting them and a reminder of the hard work they engage in each and everyday of their life.

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Fearless hero scholarship

What FEARLESS HERO means to the foundation and more specifically to Jillian is a relentless pursuit to preserver  in the face of adversity. Both Jillian and the recipients of the fearless hero scholarship take their unfavorable circumstances and they find a way. They take life's challenges of untimely injuries like broken hands or the unimaginable challenge all athletes fear and they face the challenge head on.  We have and look for recipients who make the choice not to be a victim but a fighter. Someone who,  when everyone around them tells  them it isn't possible decide they are  going to find away no matter what.